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RPGenius: Character Sheets

3 usd

RPGenius lets you create and manage your own customized character sheets for tabletop (pen and paper) role playing games.It allows you to define your own layout and game rules. No more inflexible software that produces the perfect character sheet until your gaming group deviates from core published rules.* Define Stats; either basic numeric values, text, or calculated using a formula* Define Effects, to toggle equipment/buffs/debuffs* Define Stat Groups, to apply effects en masse and auto-create tables* Create a matrix of two stat groups to auto-calculate Attribute/skill totals and the like. Display it as a grid or a pair of drop downs and include a modifier for all results (such as a wound penalty) if you like.* Make temporary adjustments and reset them later, e.g. lose hit points then reset when healed* Save your own templates for your preferred game system/house rules and re-use them later* Customize the look and feel of the character sheet by using changing fonts and color schemes* Add images from your device to show character portraits, system logos, etc* Include links to websites, direct on the character sheet* Share your character sheet by email, and import on another device just by clicking the attachmentThe app ships with character sheet templates for DnD 3.5, Pathfinder, Star Wars D20, Vampire, Call of Cthulhu and Savage Worlds. The app allows you to create your own so it really can be used for any game system including homebrew/house rules.
On the website at there is an Excel workbook you can use to quickly generate your own templates, to save having to type the names of all the stats on your Android device.
Feedback welcome by email.